Air Cathode
Zinc Anode (Fuel)
Fuel Regeneration


Powerzinc have achieved four (4) critical breakthroughs in zinc-air fuel cell technology development:

Air Cathodeformula and its manufacturing process and equipment facility

Powerzinc utilizes its proprietary technology, with environmental-friendly, low cost materials, to refine and optimize its air cathode formula and process. The air cathode is non-polluting, high current density, long cycle life, low cost and suitable for a variety of applications. These features enable the zinc-air fuel cell to operate in high power, therefore give the product a competitive advantage over conventional batteries. They also significantly improved vehicle acceleration and slope climbing capability.

Zinc Anode -- Fuel formula, construction, manufacturing process and equipment facility

Another proprietary technology offered by Powerzinc. zinc anode ¨C Fuel formula does not contain any heavy metal pollutants such as mercury. With a fully closed zInc and electrolyte regeneration technology, Powerzinc exclusively developed renewable zinc fuel. Unique branch-like zinc powder Increase the specific surface area and make zinc anode more accessible. This effectively Increases the energy density and allows vehicles to continuously travel longer distance.

Fuel cell construction and its assembly technology and equipment facility

Innovative battery construction makes fuel cell reliable, enduring, quickly refuel, easily assemble. Assembly process can be fully automatic.

zinc oxide regeneration technology and equipment ¨C Fuel regeneration technology

The discharge of zinc-air fuel cell is a process that zinc on the zinc anode being converted into zinc oxide . The mechanical refuel of zinc-air fuel cell is basically a process to recover zinc from zinc oxide , press zinc into zinc plates and replug them into the fuel cell pack. Powerzinc¡¯s proprietary zinc oxide regeneration technology (fuel regeneration) simplifies the entire process. The system can be fully automatic.

Powerzinc has filed multiple patent applications in the U.S., Taiwan, and to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Powerzinc¡¯s zinc-air fuel cell products have passed the development stage. The mass production is on its way. The Company has started supplying this product to manufacturers of Electric buses, Electric cars, Electric motors & Electric scooters, and Electric bicycles.



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