Coordination Office of China National Clean Automobile Movement held a Seminar for Electric City Transit Bus Powered by Zinc Air Fuel Cell in Shanghai

===November 07, 2005 ===

Shanghai, China C on November 06, 2005, a headline in the front page of that days WenhuiBao Newspaper, titled The clean energy - the electric bus powered by zinc air fuel cell, reported the Seminar of Electric City Transit Bus Powered by Zinc Air Fuel Cell that was held by Coordination Office of China National Clean Automobile Movement and Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Commission.
Among seminar participants, there were the leader of the coordination office, who is also a member of State Council, Mr. Shi Ding Huan, the president of TongJi University in Shanghai and other sixty of leaders and experts in electric vehicles, city buses and fuel cells. They discussed the 3E report of City Transit Bus powered by Zinc Air Fuel Cell by professor Zhang ALing of Tsinghua University in detail. After the presentation of city transit bus powered by ZAFC in forty- three cities by Powerzinc (Shanghai) Electric Inc., everyone agreed that the zinc air fuel cell is efficiency for city transit bus, and its also more reliable than any other types of power vehicles in the market.  
Mr. Shi Ding Hua told the reporter that his office has been concerned about huge demanding of crude oil and air pollution from vehicles. Extra attentions need to be paid on energy issues, especially on the various and cleansing energies of vehicles. Either on scientific or practical purpose, the new energy of ZAFC is worth for developing.  Dr. Wan Gang pointed out that who is the winner of the international competition of the new energy on public transportation, who would have the possibility taking the lead to solves the energy crisis of city transportation and would obtain the enormous opportunities of economic market and the social benefit. He considered that for the coming Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo, the country should encourage the collaboration of enterprise and the scientific research department to make a breakthrough from the theory and practice union as soon as possible.  



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