Current Events

The International Resource Recycling Committee held the ¡°2005 International Seminar of Resource Recycling in Shanghai¡± November 16, 2005
Coordination Office of China National Clean Automobile Movement held a Seminar for Electric City Transit Bus Powered by Zinc Air Fuel Cell in Shanghai November 7, 2005
The Vice President of Penoles in Mexico visited Powerzinc October 27, 2005
Electric Vehicles ( Thailand ) Company Limited Revisited Powerzinc Seeking Ideal EV Power Source for Its Country October 20, 2005
¡° Meeting of Electric City Transit Bus Powered by Zinc Air Fuel Cell¡± in Shanghai October 3, 2005
Officers of Development and Reform Commission of Shanghai visited Powerzinc in Shanghai September 22, 2005
The San Diego County Supervisor, Director of California Air Resources Board (ARB), and the Former President of World Trade Center in San Diego visited Powerzinc in Shanghai September,22 2005
The members of State Council visited Powerzinc in Shanghai September 3, 2005
Delegations of the state of Ohio visited Powerzinc in Shanghai August 26, 2005

POWERZINC attended the Press Conference for ¡°The 4th International Clean Vehicle Technology Conference and Exhibition¡±

July 13, 2005
POWERZINC signed the contract with Bai Yin Municipal Government of Gan Su Province July 13, 2005
Introduction of Powerzinc in Shanghai Education Television Station June 13, 2005

Delegations of City Government Officials of Baiying City Visited Powerzinc Shanghai

June 6, 2005
IZA¡¯s Representative Visited Powerzinc Electric, Inc. May 25, 2005
Powerzinc Participated the 2005 International Zinc Forum May 25, 2005
The municipal government¡¯s delegation from city of Luo Yang visited Powerzinc Electric (Shanghai), Inc. in China May 19, 2005
Representatives from Korean Company Visited Powerzinc Electric (Shanghai), Inc. in China   May 19, 2005
CGCC Visited Powerzinc Electric (Shanghai), Inc. in China   May 19, 2005
Zinc Energy Storage Technologies Consortium (ZEST) Launched March 3, 2005
Powerzinc has successfully developed a primary zinc air battery product series January 24, 2005
Powerzinc delivered a presentation at China International Lead and Zinc Annual Conference in Chengdu December 1, 2004
Powerzinc met with city officials of Chongqing to discuss cooperation in motorcycle industry November 29, 2004
Powerzinc was invited to attend ¡°Forum of China Venture Investment 2004¡± at Los Angeles October 28, 2004
Powerzinc Will Launch DQFC Series Zinc-Air Fuel Cell for Use in Large-Sized Electric Bus October 19, 2004
Powerzinc Will Attend the Annual Conference of Chinese International Lead-Zinc Association October 15, 2004
Powerzinc creates ¡°Zinc Economy¡± September 14, 2004
Chippower Revisited Powerzinc August 23, 2004
A Famous Auto Bus Plant and Powerzinc Signed an Intention Contract for 380 millions July 1, 2004
Managing Directors from Mitsubishi Securities, Seeking New Investment Opportunity June 28, 2004
Senior Business Analyst of English Investment Management Ltd Visited Powerzinc May 27, 2004
Powerzinc Attended Annual CEO Roundtable Meeting jointly held by Barrington Associates,Heritage Partners, Wells Fargo, Lido Consulting and Rothstein, Kass & Company. May 7, 2004
Powerzinc's New Capital Funding May 6, 2004
Powerzinc Electric and TL Chemical Establishing Alliance Relationship April 20, 2004
The Project of E- Bus Powered by DQFC Zinc-Air Fuel Cells Come into the Implementation Stage April 15, 2004
Powerzinc Plans to Align with Renown Academies both Home and Abroad April 9, 2004
Visit from A Canadian Telecom Company, Seeking New application of DQFC April 6, 2004
Powerzinc visited Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) Feb 3, 2004
Powerzinc visited U.S.Trade and Development Agency (TDA) Feb 2, 2004
Powerzinc was invited to attend the conference of ¡°Tactical Power Sources 2004¡± Jan.27-30, 2004


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