Breakthrough in zinc-air fuel cell technology.
Following is a translated version of an article published on May 27, 2002, Chinese Daily News, Los Angeles.
By Sandy Chen, Staff Writer, Chinese Daily News (World Journal).
Southern California based Powerzinc Electric, Inc. has recently introduced its proprietary zinc-air fuel cell technology to South Africa, Taiwan and targeted the Electric vehicle market for 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. This is another success story of Asian American entrepreneurs in the southland. The company will provide stationary power supply for more than 4,000 households in rural area of South Africa. The South African government supports the effort in establishing zinc-air fuel cell regeneration plants in the country.

The zinc-air fuel cell developed by Powerzinc has 5-year service life. It can supply Electricity to a typical household for 22 days before another recharge. It pretty much meets the daily Electricity need of a family. Currently there are a variety of battery technologies under development in the market. This Includes zinc-air, lithium, nickel-metal-hydride, aluminum-air, etc. Compare to other new battery technologies, zinc-air fuel cell has its advantage of high energy, low cost and quick charge, etc.

The company's fuel cell is available at 12V, 24V and 48V. Their key market is Electric vehicles application. Vehicles powered by its zinc-air fuel cells can run up to 250 km and scooters can run 60 km per charge. Vehicles have zero emission and there is no pollution. According to the company spokesman, the recharge process takes less than 5 minutes and they plan to establish refuel service centers in many places to provide convenience to the consumers. The company had filed patent applications in many countries. They also established a manufacturing plant in Shanghai. Recently a major automaker in Japan has placed an order for their evaluations. The company will target the Electric vehicle market for 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Electric vehicles will be used in special transport services for during the games. The company expects a tremendous market potential for its products.


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