Powerzinc in South Africa
==== May 15, 2002 ====
Mr. Richard Yang, President & CEO, Mr. D.Q.Yang, CTO and Ms. Wei Shao, Executive Assistant attended an exciting zinc air fuel cell pilot project at KWA MPUNGOSE district in South Africa on May 15th, 2002. The Alternative Energy Development Corp., a South African company, and the KWA MPUNGOSE Traditional Authority launched this project. The KWA MPUNGOSE district is a typical rural area without Electricity. The project aims to lighten up the darken land by using Powerzinc's DQFC zinc air fuel cell as stationary power supply. In this event, the lights and the microphones in the conference hall, hundreds of lights outside the conference hall located in an area about a few miles radius were all powered by Powerzinc's DQFC zinc air fuel cells. About 130 people from 10 countries attended this significant event, Including South African government officials, businessmen and journalists from South Africa, Canada and Europe. Dr. S.T. Hsieh, the Director of U.S./China Energy & Environmental Technology Center of Tulane University (EETC) in New Orleans, an organization 100% funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, also participated in the event. All of the participants were very excited about this new technology that brings light to Africa.

After the launch, Powerzinc's DQFC series zinc air fuel cells will be used to power 4,000 households in the rural area and the Electric bikes in South Africa. It will provide affordable self-sustainable and environmentally friendly power source to the African continent. It will also offer lots of employment opportunity to the local communities.


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