New visitors to Shanghai plant
==== February 22, 2002 ====
Professor Lun, Jin Guang of prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing companied by Mr. Wen, Zhong Kong, Vice-President of Guangdong ProvInce Electric Vehicle Department, Mr. Wang, Jing Lin, Mr. Sun, Manager of Shantou City Electric Vehicle Field Testing & Demonstration Center, and Mr. Wu, Chief Engineer Assistant of Shenzhen Minghua Co., visited Powerzinc's all-in-one model plant in Shanghai.

According to professor Lun, fuel cell technology is one of the key research tasks for the nation's 863 Program. In this program, there are about 30 research institutes, universities, and companies join force to conduct systematic research on the development of the fuel cell technology. Professor Ouyang, Ming Gang, Department Chair of Tsinghua University's Automotive Department leads a team to focus on Fuel Cell City Bus project. Professor Lun is the Chief Advisor. Another Tongji University team in Shanghai led by Professor Wan Gang has been focusing on Fuel Cell Cars. Professor Lun further commented that the technical advantage of Powerzinc's properitary zinc air Fuel Cell technology has already been publicly recognized. It is time to sit down and iron out a development plan with the government.

After the meeting, both parties agreed to gather a team of experts to conduct a feasibility study. This will Include setting up an Electric bus line in City of Guangzhou and an Electric mini bus line in City of Shenzhen by utilizing Powerzinc's zinc air Fuel Cell technology; Powerzinc to supply zinc air Fuel Cell; Shenzhen Minghua Co. to supply buses for testing; Guangdong ProvInce will provide resources i.e. operators and operating expense, and assign a transit line. Mr. Wen, Zhong Kong will try to make sure that the local government to provide low rate Electricity.


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