Powerzinc Attended 2002 Shanghai Fuel Cell Scooter Workshop

=== Dec.6, 2002 ===
2002 Shanghai Fuel Cell Scooter Workshop was held in Jingjiang Hotel on Dec.6, 2002 in Shanghai. Mr. Herbert Yuen, Powerzinc¡¯s Executive Vice President and Mr. D.Q. Yang, Powerzinc¡¯s Chief Technology Consultant attended the seminar.

This seminar was hosted by Shanghai Association of Environment Protection Industry and U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council. The purpose of this seminar is to promote the cooperation of the worldwide fuel cell companies and the enterprises of Shanghai electric scooters.

The participants including the officials from Shanghai Science & Technology Committee, Shanghai Economic Committee, Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, Electric Bicycle Special Committee of Shanghai Bicycle Society, Shanghai Vehicle Management Office, Shanghai General Station of Environmental Products Quality Testing, U.S. Natural Resources Defense Council, U.S. Fuel Cell Council and Taiwan Institute for Economic Research. The representatives from Blue Moon Fund, Argonne National Laboratory, DuPont, ChevronTexaco Ovonic Hydrogen Systems, TIAX, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Institute of Micro-system and Information Technology of Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, Shanghai Jingjie Scooter Co. and GE Shanghai Office also participated this workshop. The participants discussed the feasibility of foreign collaboration to manufacture and commercialize fuel cell scooters in Shanghai.

Mr. Herbert Yuen, Powerzinc¡¯s Executive Vice President, made a presentation named ¡°Advanced Zinc-Air (Metal) Fuel Cell and City Fuel Cell Refuel Service Platform¡± in the seminar. Powerzinc also demonstrated the electric vehicles powered by its DQFC series advanced zinc air fuel cell including electric bicycle designed by Powerzinc (have filed the Chinese patent), the electric scooter made by mainland of China and the electric motor made by Taiwan. All the participants rode the vehicles and were very excited about the high performance of Powerzinc¡¯s advanced zinc air fuel cell. They all agree that the zinc air fuel cell is the only power source which can be available right now in the electric vehicles.



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