iGO Electric Bicycles Are Officially Available On The Market

=== May 15, 2003 ===

Powerzinc announced that its iGO brand zinc-air fuel cell powered electric bicycle had successfully passed the evaluation tests jointly conducted by Shanghai Bicycle Industry Association, Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Shanghai Light Industry Bureau, and Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau. The company is now authorized by Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau to distribute iGO electric bicycles in Shanghai. It opens the door for Powerzinc¡¯s entry into the lucrative electric bicycle market.

There have always been debates about the economic viability of zinc-air fuel cell technology. The introduction of iGO and the demand in the marketplace have proven its feasibility. Consumers should respond positively to the benefits that iGO can bring to them. iGO¡¯s range can easily go over 200 km per refuel, and refuel takes less than 5 minutes. Powerzinc also offers a lifetime warranty as well as a unique anti-thief bicycle ID tracking system. The technology behind this bike effectively overcomes most of the obstacles that conventional electric bicycles commonly have, and its commercial potential is unlimited.

iGO features a dual power-source compatible design. It can be powered by Zinc Air Fuel Cell or Lead-acid Battery. Provides lower-cost entry point with lead-acid battery, but also provides ¡°upgradability¡± to powerful zinc air fuel cell. Model TDN0202Z comes in 3 different colors: Light Metallic Blue, Rose Red, and Green, targeting both male and female consumers. Patent application has been filed. Powerzinc soon will introduce other models to the market.

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