Zinc Energy Storage Technologies Consortium (ZEST) Launched

- Powerzinc and the First Auto Works Jointly Develop Zinc Air Fuel Cell All Electric City Bus Targeting on Beijing Olympic Games


===March 31, 2005 ===

 (City of Industry, California, the U.S. March 31, 2005) ¨C Joining world¡¯s leading zinc producers, International Zinc Association and International Lead and Zinc Research Organization, Powerzinc Electric, Inc. is one of the founders Zinc Energy Storage Technologies Consortium (ZEST), which was launched in March 3, 2005 at a facility of Teck Cominco Metals Ltd.  As one of the founders, Powerzinc has sent its delegates to attend this meeting.


ZEST¡¯s mission is to promote zinc energy storage technologies worldwide. Brought forward by Powerzinc, members agreed that initial focus of ZEST should be electric city transit bus market in Asia. Powerzinc has been co-developing zinc air fuel cell all electric city transit bus according to instructions given by MOST of China. The bus aims to serve the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. All participatants of ZEST meeting agreed that this project will be the cornerstone for worldwide promotion of zinc energy storage technologies.


The theme of the Games will be a ¡°Green Olympics¡± and is going to serve as a platform for the Chinese government demonstrating its commitment and progresses on electric vehicle development as a part of effort of improving the global environment. At least 1,000 zero emission buses are to be ordered for this event, in addition to up to 18,000 clean energy buses.  Because of technical issues on hydrogen fuel cells, especially low price-performance ratio, it cannot be marketed in the next 10 years. All other storage battery technologies, such as lithium, nickel-metal hydride and lead-acid, are not suitable for EVs because of low specific energies. I Powerzinc are bidding to put 1000 such buses forward and will have their prototype on show in April.


Principle of zinc air fuel cell has existed for a long time and its challenges lie in reducing costs, increasing power and convenient refueling. Powerzinc has been able to achieve all three thanks to its unique positioning and technology achievements. Because of patented fuel cell structure, Powerzinc¡¯s fuel cells can be refueled quickly and conveniently. Also, because of its unique technology achievements, DQFC zinc air fuel cells have high power and low cost. It is the most cost effective EV power.   


Powerzinc¡¯s long-term zinc air fuel cell bus partner, the First Auto Work Wuxi Bus and Coach Works (FAW) are co-developing a demo zinc air fuel cell bus targeting on the Olympic Games. The bus is expected to complete by the end of April. FAW is also one of the candidate suppliers of 18,000 clean energy buses for this event as well. Zinc air fuel cell has advantages of high energy density, high specific power and low cost. It is far better than any other type of battery technologies and more feasible than hydrogen fuel cells. In addition, Powerzinc¡¯s zinc air fuel cell has its unique strength on fast and convenient refuel. A 440 kWh bus powered by Powerzinc¡¯s ZAFC will have a drive range of over 200 miles with only 30 minuets refueling. It is believed that a Powerzinc¡¯s all electric city transit bus is the most economical and feasible choice.


In order to support Powerzinc in bidding the Beijing Olympic contract, ZEST¡¯s member zinc producers will contribute their respective resources to control costs of refueling as well as help to establish refueling infrastructures. The ZEST Consortium efforts will also be devoted to providing publicity for the favorable attributes of the zinc/air vehicle systems and to developing the infrastructure to supply the appropriate form of zinc to the centers where these first projects will be pursued.


The ZEST Consortium inauguration meeting was attended by Canadian zinc manufacturers Noranda and Teck Cominco, Mexico's Penoles, Powerzinc and other two battery manufacturers Electric Fuel Ltd. and PowerGenix; and the International Zinc Association and ILZRO. The ZEST Consortium includes additional key zinc suppliers.


About Powerzinc

Powerzinc Electric, Inc. is a California-based Hi-Tech company. It is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of advanced zinc-air fuel cells and entire manufacture facilities, along with fuel cells refuel service platform. Through years of R&D, Powerzinc has achieved significant breakthroughs in zinc-air fuel cell technology and developed the high power, large energy, long-lasting, low cost and environment-friendly power and energy source. Its innovative products - DQFC series of zinc-air fuel cells with creative design and process technology is a totally renewable energy for electric vehicles and various other applications today.


About Powerzinc Electric (Shanghai), Inc

In Shanghai, China, Powerzinc has established a zinc-air fuel cell manufacturing and service model plant to commercialize the technology and its products. The plant is ready for commercial-scale production. The Company has started supplying DQFC series zinc-air fuel cells to manufacturers of Electric Bicycles and Electric Scooters. In the near future, the new series of DQFC zinc-air fuel cells for Electric Buses, Defense and Security, Communication and other applications will be available to the commercial market soon to satisfy the real highly growing demand anywhere in the world.




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