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Representatives from Choongnam Marine Motor Co., Ltd. Visited Powerzinc Electric (Shanghai), Inc. Nov.28, 2003
Representatives from Administration Center of China Electric Vehicles Test and Demonstration Zone visited Powerzinc Electric (Shanghai), Inc Nov.6, 2003
Chevron LLC Visited Powerzinc Electric, Inc
Sep. 12, 2003
Joint Research Project with Car Manufacturer Showed Promising Future of Powerzinc¡¯s Zinc Air Fuel Cells
August 7, 2003
US Mine Safety Appliances Company (MSA) Visited Powerzinc Electric (Shanghai) Inc. August 6, 2003
Official of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles visit Powerzinc August 4, 2003
Powerzinc and Zhejiang Energy Group to Explore Cooperation Potential July 28, 2003
Powerzinc Licensed Its E-bike on OEM Basis to Manufacturer in Jiangsu,China June 12, 2003
Powerzinc Signed an Agreement with One of the Largest Automaker in China to Jointly Develop E-bus Powered by its DQFC series Zinc-Air Fuel Cell June 10, 2003
iGO Electric Bicycles Are Officially Available On The Market
May 15, 2003
Powerzinc¡¯s DQFC Zinc Air Fuel Cell has been approved as the Shanghai Hi-tech Achievements Conversion Project
April 24,2003
Powerzinc¡¯s Zinc Air Fuel Cells Fight Pollution in E-Bikes and Scooters
April 1, 2003
3rd Annual Fuel Cell Investor Conference
March 26~27, 2003
US/China Energy & Environmental Technology Center (EETC) opened Shanghai office Pollution-free zinc-air fuel cell powered vehicles ready for distribution
March 7, 2003
Tech center seeks alternative fuels
March 7, 2003
Opening Ceremony of US/China Energy and Environmental Technology Center¡¯s Shanghai Office and Introduction of Powerzinc¡¯s Advanced Zinc Air Fuel Cell Technology & Applications
Powerzinc welcomes Dr. S.T. Hsieh as a Special Advisor
Feb. 17, 2003
Battery maker Powerzinc¡¯s Reading project may be recharged
Feb. 17, 2003
Powerzinc welcomes Robert S. Kripowicz as Chairman
Feb. 1, 2003
Zinc Air Fuel Cell Technology Set To Soar
Jan. 13, 2003
Debut of fuel cell powered electric bicycle in Shanghai
Dec. 23, 2002
Powerzinc's zinc-air fuel cell passed the evaluations by Shanghai Environmental Products Inspection Station
Dec. 19, 2002
Visitors from Beiren Group
Dec. 19, 2002
Zinc Air Fuel Cell Drive Passenger Car Dec. 8, 2002
December 8, 2002
Powerzinc Attended Beijing International EV Exhibition
Dec.57, 2002
Powerzinc Attended 2002 Shanghai Fuel Cell Scooter Workshop Dec.6, 2002
Powerzinc shipped zinc air fuel cell to Schlumberger SRC in Texas November 25, 2002
Zinc air Fuel Cell technology presented at China's National Electric Vehicle Drive Systems & Parts Workshop September 23, 2002
Powerzinc announced its presentation at California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative (CaSFCC)'s Government/Industry Meeting. August 28, 2002
Powerzinc to retrofit 4-door gaseline powered sedan with zinc air Fuel Cell technology July 2002
Powerzinc partners with Shenzhen Minghua Environmental Protection Vehicle Co., Ltd. in China. July 2002
Powerzinc signed an agreement with Zhejiang University's College of Electrical Engineering. June 2002
Powerzinc received an order from Japan. June 2002
Powerzinc management visited California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. June 4, 2002
Powerzinc management visited Nevada. May 30, 2002
Breakthrough in zinc-air fuel cell technology.  
Visitors from State of New York. May 23, 2002
Powerzinc in South Africa May 15, 2002
New visitors to Shanghai plant February 22, 2002
Battery maker eyeing city site, council hears that deal - and other development - depend on reorganizing Reading's community development department, Albert R. Boscov tells officials. Feb. 20, 2002
Non-polluting battery refuels in 5 min, runs for 200 km
Nov.27, 2001
Taiwan Scholars visited Powerzinc Shanghai plant
Nov.6, 2001
Powerzinc participated in China's 3rd National Light EV Conference
Nov.5, 2001
Visitors from China Steel (Taiwan)
Oct.26, 2001
Powerzinc Signed An Agreement with China's Leading Bicycle Manufacturer Oct.24, 2001
Visitors from a Major Taiwanese e-Scooter Manufacturer Oct.15, 2001
"Shanghai Forever" intends to purchase 200,000 kWh Powerzinc's DQFC
Oct. 14, 2001
Run for 200 km in One Charge
A marathon of EVs powered by zinc-air fuel cells (ZAFCs)
Sep. 20, 2001
Officials from U.S. Department Of Energy Visited Powerzinc Shanghai Plant
Sep. 13, 2001
Reassurance from Pennsylvania Authority Sep. 13, 2001
Product Demonstrations / Trial Tests
Sep. 11, 2001
Potential Opportunities in South Africa Aug. 23-24, 2001
Powerzinc Management Visited the Proposed Plant in Reading, Pennsylvania Aug. 20, 2001
Powerzinc's Zinc-Air Fuel Cell
Can continue to "run" for 200 km after a 3-min refuel
July 25, 2001
To Promote the EV Industry, We Need to First Develop a Suitable Battery June 8, 2001
Powerzinc held an Open House for its new Shanghai Plant between June 25 - 30, 2001. June 2001


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